Green Clean Services

We are proud to be a leader in green cleaning. We offer the unique Stratus Green Clean program with all our janitorial service contracts, at no additional costs. Established in 2004, we provide you with forward thinking benefits. Our Green Clean services were created to compliment Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects (LEED) and the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Further, we understand that it was in the interest of our customers, franchisees and the environment to introduce this as our standard.

In today's World with advent of COVID-19 we can add disinfecting to the above cleaning process to fully protect you and your staff!

Experts In The Industry

Stratus Building Solutions has extensive knowledge in the commercial cleaning industry and understands that cleaning products are a significant contributor to poor indoor air quality issues in closed environments.


All of our franchisees go through an extensive two-week training program, with an emphasis toward a real world, hands on approach. Their certification assures expertise in Stratus Green Clean services and procedures. You can rest assured with our own private label, Green Seal Certified, biodegradable, non-toxic Stratus Green Clean chemicals to ensure product quality. Stratus Building Solutions is the leader in green janitorial services and the pursuance of cleaning for health.

The Benefits of Our Green Clean Solutions


• Environmentally friendly and Green Seal Certified chemicals

• Non-Toxic

• No-VOCs

• No Known Carcinogens

 Fragrance Free

• Certified Effectiveness

•Dilution Control Systems to minimize waste

• Color Coded microfibers cleaning cloths to prevent cross contamination

•Four stage, true heppa filtration vaccum

• Healthier environment for your employees and customers